How to I add a “Call to Action” button on my Facebook page?


When you have a Facebook page you will see a “Call to Action” button in the header image. This “Call to Action” is to provoke the user to click it – to go to your shop, to get more info, to watch a video, get their email/phone number: convert a visitor to your Facebook page to a potential customer.

1) Have your Facebook page and your page where your ‘Call to Action” button will link to open
2) Copy the link of the page – make sure you have copied the link to where you want the user to land on your site – sites like RedBubble have a number of pages and it is best if you have them land on your shop page. On your website you might have a particular landing page you want people to come to your website on
3) Go to your Facebook page and click Create Call to Action, this will give you a number of options, choose the one that suits best. In this example we will use Shop Now
4) Enter the link you just copied and click Create
5) You can then choose to set up a Promotion or click Not Now


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