I can’t send/receive email, help!

We often find that people have problems setting up their email client (Outlook, Entourage, Mac Mail, etc.). This is usually an easy fix and down to a typo or missing checkbox.

  1. Test your login settings on webmail if it is available (for Blacknight this is https://altmail.blacknight.com),Email if you login successfully you need to proceed with the next steps. If login fails, contact your administrator and request your credentials to be reset
  2. In your email client Username is often actually your email address. And ensure you have entered it correctly
  3. Make sure you have entered your password correctly
  4. Ensure you have entered the POP/IMAP and SMTP details correctly
  5. Take a note of any error messages and contact your administrator
  6. Check to see if you need to tick SSL
  7. Check that Port numbers are entered correctly

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