How strong should my password be?

It is very important to have a strong password.

Here are some password recommendations:

  • Make passwords at least 12 characters long.
  • Change them to something that only you will know 
  • Don’t pick something someone could guess
    • Such as an obvious word/number such as a family member’s birthday, your dog’s name or digits from your phone number.
  • A Passphrase is a good way to remember a long password. Example: iliketoeatburritosintherain is a phrase that helps you remember it easier, but you must make it more secure by doing things like substituting numbers for letters (3 for E, 0 for O, 1 for i, 8 for B etc.) so: iliketoeatburritosintherain > 1l1k3t03@tburr1t0s1nth3r@1n
  • Variations of this would could changing the numbers at the end: 1l1k3t03@tburr1t0s1nth3r@1n8251 Change your passwords twice a year.
  • Don’t write them on a post it!

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