I want a website and emails, how do I do that?

Setting up a website can be a timely and costly experience and if not done right can reflect badly on your business.

You can get someone like us to do as much or as little of the following as you wish:

  • Buy your domain name (keep this as close to your business name as you can)
  • Purchase your hosting
  • Link your domain name to your hosting
  • Set up your email addresses (choose secure passwords)
  • Set up those emails on your devices
  • Create a landing/launching soon page
  • Create your website
  • Add new content, or update current content
  • Do weekly updates if necessary
  • Do weekly/monthly backups depending on how much new content you add to the website

No matter how much of this you choose to do yourself, have all your content, imagery etc., ready to keep costs and time down to a minimum. If you don’t have the time or the expertise and think this is something we can help you with please get in touch

Domain name and hosting needs to be renewed every year.


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