Remote support is usually the quickest and easiest way to troubleshoot your problems. I prefer to handle things remotely wherever possible, it cuts down on costs and time for both sides involved.

To allow me to connect remotely I will need you to install some software to enable me to connect to your computer and try and solve the problem. This is fully secure over an encrypted connection and only gives me access for the duration of the support session and you can see everything I do as I do it.

We will agree on a day and time for the remote session to happen, please prepare your computer as follows:

  1. Go to, download TeamViewer and install it
  2. Close any personal items you have open. (If I have to browse your hard drive I will let you know beforehand in case there is anything that you need to move off the computer.)
  3. Once TeamViewer is installed start it up.
  4. The Team Viewer will look something like the image to the right: TeamViewer - Remote Control
  5. When you are ready for me to connect send me the following details: Your ID Password
  6. Once our session ends, I will disconnect.
  7. Close TeamViewer and I will no longer have access.