When someone contacts you, whether it is from a business card or they’ve seen your email listed somewhere, it is one of the first impressions they get about you and your business.

Would you be more impressed emailing or

Email addresses with symbols or numbers will lead to potential customers entering it wrong. And in many instances passing you over because of that first impression, and you never getting that potential work or sale. If you have a website, there is no reason why you can’t be using your own domain email, and if you haven’t got a website, this can be set up at very reasonable costs.

How can I get a professional email?
You will need to get a domain name and hosting. This is a yearly cost so don’t forget to renew each year.
Once you have purchased these you can create your email addresses. Keep it as simple as possible, and standard across your company:

  • Good
    •, or
    •, or
    • Of course in bigger companies, a surname will probably be needed.
  • Avoid!!

Be sure to use strong passwords!
Add your email to all your devices – computer, laptop, phone, etc. To make things easier, especially you will have a lot or very large email attachments, connect your email through Gmail or GSuite - this also makes it easier to add email to your devices and move around devices.

If you don’t have the time or the expertise and think this is something we can help you with please get in touch. We can take care of as little or as much of the process as you need.